Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road to Hana

Fillin' up the tank for the long drive. We took the long way round Maui down the bumpy dirty road. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I tell people it is though. You feel like you're on another planet it's so quiet and desolate out there. The ocean looks much wilder and untamed. We spent one night at the fabulous Hotel Hana. We felt like we owned the place and maybe even like a Rockefeller (for a minute).

Chris's new ride. We drove up and he thought it was a log until we got closer.

Not sure but this seemed like an abandonned church.

Kaupo store.

We just came from that direction and the road was MUCH narrower than it seems. Not my favorite part.

A little black sand beach

A little beach baseball.

This is at the Hotel Hana-Maui. We stayed there one night and it was great. I was at the pool one day and I was the only person there all afternoon. It was like we had the place to ourselves. The hotel itself is made up of little 2 room cottages dotted throughout the enormous property. I loved it. I want to move in.

This was our little cottage.

The view walking up to the pool

The little church in Hana

Chris and Mike posing for me before their ride. I roughed it on the lounge chairs by the hot tub overlooking the crashing ocean.

The pool up on the hill. No one there. All day long.


My toes.

Aaaaahhhh, the self portrait. Becoming an expert.

At some falls near Hana.

At a beach/park. I was trying to keep my eye on some gypsies that had me take a picture for them. Thought they might be trying to break into our car. Chris was making fun of me.

Roughing it

My friend Linda was in town with her sister staying at the Ritz. We went up for a glass of champagne on Chris's birthday. We also saw Apolo Ohno jogging when we drove up. Chris made me slow my pace so we could get a GOOD look at him.

The Casablanca Lily (size of a dinner plate) I got for Chris's birthday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner is a vehicle for Rhubarb Crumble!

A giant pot of pansies!

Chris coming home after a full day of machete-ing his trail.

Reorganizing our deck garden in red light

One view from our bedroom windows

Chris and Kirk looking like statues

Chris at Twin Falls

Yep, not my best look but someone else took the photo and I have to take advantage of those opportunities!

Moi at Twin Falls

Laura and I at the Needle

Laura and I at Iao Valley

Chris and Kirk at the Needle behind them

The Adcocks on our deck

1 Year old's birthday present. Chris demanded a shark be present.

Chris and Lou on their way up the mountains behind our house.

Random toad Chris found in the yard :)

Chris and two other "Regulators" in all their glory before a ride