Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK, I meant to post this picture in the middle of the post, I don't know how to do that but these ladies had to be documented. Chris told me we had to find a reason to like them because they were so obnoxious and not easily liked. About half hour in to our whale watch they were on their way to drunkenness and couldn't manoeuvre quickly enough to where the whales were and I was standing next to the one in the blue t-shirt when she yelled out, "God Dammit!" That made me love her.

We went on a whale watch on the Teralani the other night. We had a GREAT time and this was our boat awaiting us on the beach. They drop the steps and you have time your climb with the waves.

Chris on the trampoline

Distant mama whale, her baby and escort were right next to her.

Mr. Cool

We would have been happy with just this but it got better.

And better......

Juggling a beer and some veggies

This was another catamaran out on a whale watch

It was a little bright out at this point

Chris had the camera and this whale was so curious about us. She swam under the boat and came up for air RIGHT next to us. The people on the boat were deafening with their screams.

You can see how close this whale got, the little hand on the left side of the photo gives and an idea of how big this nose was and how close.

And then it just stayed there, floating down the side of the boat like it was giving us a show. If you see could under the water, the whale was standing straight up and we could see the entire body. It was incredible. And huge and oddly emotional. Ha. See ,mom, you're not the only one that cries. And yes, I was thoroughly chastised for it by Chris The Unfeeling.

The people's screaming was reaching a crecendo at this point.

Not the technical jargon but this is the whale's "nose" where, "Thar she blows!"

Poor Chris, he was looking at this spectacle through the camera the whole time and finally got fed up with the small picture. He was just randomly shooting at this point. After this shot the whale ducked under and we could see the whole body underneath us as it "flapped it wings" once and was gone. It looked like it was "flying", hence the wings.

We're not in this picture but thought it was a nice one.

Loving my new camera!

Making our way back to shore and leaving the sun behind.

This is the Marriott Ocean Club where Chris works. It's enormous.

Welcome to the Maui Ocean Center. Chris and I went yesterday and had a great time. It's small but mighty.

As you can see the shark/tuna tank was a favorite. I was startled a couple times by the sharks swimming right by me.

This is the jellyfish tank and it was seriously one of the coolest things we've ever seen and we want our own. Looking into the logistics..............

Chris's stance can't go unmentioned either.