Monday, July 20, 2009

Here's a video of Chris and I zipping. He was pulling ahead in the race. 

Lookin good in our harnesses and helmets. 
 This is the view of the suspension bridge that Kapalua built over the valley. It looked a little like the Golden Gate Bridge from where we were. 

This is us on the suspension bridge, it wobbled quite a bit more than I comfortable with but it gives you a great view of the bamboo forest down below. 

This is the last zip line we did, nicknamed "The Screamer".  We went about 40mph on the way down and you're about 250 feet above the valley. 
Us riding down the mountain. 

This is the 6-wheel drive truck that brought us down from the mountain and the zip lines. Pretty cool, Chris wants one. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Pup

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These are some of the flowers they sell. The colors are just amazing.

Swap Meet

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Every Saturday morning Maui has a swap meet with local artisans and vendors. We've been going a lot lately, the tomatoes this guy sells there are the best we've ever had. We've been buying a lot of plants too, really cheap and really nice. Something we pass up everytime is the sushi just baking out in the sun. We've seen people buying it though.

Bananas! Bananas!

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When we first moved to Maui, Chris planted some baby banana trees and we didn't know if anything would happen with them. But he watered them relentlessly in hopes of them fruiting someday. They were about 1 foot tall and they eventually grew to about 20 feet tall. We just chopped down this bunch of bananas the other day and they're ripening under our stairs. They're apple bananas which are the BEST and slightly tart. Really delicious. This bunch weighs about 35 lbs.